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Guide to Remove Plagiarism and Duplication Using AI Paraphrasing Tool


Plagiarism is one of the most common issues a content writer can face during work submissions.

It doesn’t matter how creative you are or how much research material you have collected for the draft; there is always a chance that your text could have similarities with another source.

It doesn’t matter whether your content has accidental or intentional traces of duplication; you must understand that there are certain penalties and consequences you would face in case your content has been flagged as duplicate.

In the past, tackling plagiarism issues was considered difficult, but not anymore.

Here in this guide we are going to discuss how our Paraphrasing tool can help content writers remove plagiarism and unwanted duplication from their drafts without getting into any hassle.

How to Find Plagiarism in Your Content?

Before we discuss how you can remove or revise plagiarized text, it is important to know how to check your work for duplication.

Instead of waiting for your work to be rejected or penalized because of plagiarism, it is best to check it on your own before using it on any commercial platform, such as your website or social media channels.

Today, content writers, marketers, students, and all others related to the writing fraternity have access to AI-powered plagiarism checker tools such as Copyleaks, Copyscape, Turnitin, etc.

These tools use deep search and other advanced technologies to scan and analyze your uploaded text. The text is compared with billions of pages, and any similar content is highlighted in your text.

By scanning or checking your content with the help of the best plagiarism checker tool, writers can easily fix it or remove it before they use that content on any platform that can get them into trouble for copyright infringement.

How Paraphrasing-Tool.ai Can Help You Remove Plagiarized Content?

We would not discuss the traditional ways of getting rid of duplicate or plagiarized text as they are very time-consuming and require human efforts and resources.

The best way to remove plagiarism today is to use a reliable paraphrasing tool like ours.


Our AI tool is the ultimate solution for content writers who want to ensure originality and quality in their work simultaneously.

AI powers the tool and uses the most advanced technologies, including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and others, to analyze and paraphrase your uploaded text in the most natural way possible.

Note that our AI paraphrasing tool is considered a helpful resource for all sorts of users related to the writing world because we offer multiple paraphrasing modes.

Some of our modes are available under the free plan, and some under the premium subscription.

Our core goal today is to help you remove plagiarism from the content, so we will only be discussing the mode designed and developed to tackle this problem!

Anti-Plagiarism Mode

Fortunately, the anti-plagiarism mode of our paraphrasing tool is available under the free version.

This means writers or students would not have to pay a single dime to rewrite sentences or even complete passages that have been flagged as duplicates.

In this mode the tool would analyze your uploaded text and pick up its core ideas and main context.

Once our tool fully understands the main intent of your uploaded text, it will start paraphrasing it with a different wording.

During the paraphrasing process, the tool would change all common words with their most suitable synonyms, modify the sentence structure, change choice of words and verbs, and play with the voice of sentences.

The paraphrased content would sound completely different than the old version yet conveys the same message or idea.

What Makes Our Paraphrasing Tool Ideal for Removing Duplication?

Unlike other highly rated paraphrasers, our tool doesn’t only spin words with synonyms; it completely changes the structure and rewrites your text from scratch.

The content paraphrased by our tool would never sound artificial or robotic. Our tool knows how to make content humanize and can mimic it in its paraphrased version.

The rewritten content would always sound natural and the same as if written by a professional native writer.

In addition, our paraphrasing tool offers a dedicated anti-plagiarism mode whose job is to ensure that the new content generated is free of intentional and accidental traces of duplication.

The new content would be unique and free of readability issues. The best thing that makes our paraphrase tool an ideal choice is its anti-plagiarism mode is free to use.

How Long Would the Tool Take to Paraphrase My Text?

Our paraphraser is a cloud-based utility that uses the latest technologies to tackle complex writing tasks.

The tool hardly takes five seconds to analyze your old text and produce a new version conveying the same message.

We make it easy to remove plagiarism and duplication with our paraphrasing tool, so there is no need to worry about deadlines or lack of time.

Steps to Remove Plagiarism with our AI Paraphrase Tool!

Another feature that makes our online paraphrasing tool a popular choice is its easy use. This is because of its simple and clean interface and design.

Even a non-technical user can utilize this paraphraser without worrying about learning anything or going through tutorials. Here, we have listed the steps to remove plagiarism with our tool.

1. Navigate to the website on your browser; you can also click here: www.paraphrasing-tool.ai

2. Select the “Anti-Plagiarism” mode from the header of the input box of our tool.

3. Write or paste text in the input box. You can also drop files containing duplicate text.

4. Click on the “Paraphrase Now” button and wait for the results.

The tool would paraphrase your text within three to four seconds at max and present the new text in the output box, where you can easily copy or export it in your desired format.

Note that the free version of our “Anti-Plagiarism” mode allows you to upload only 250 words in one go!


Attempting to manually remove plagiarism from a draft will take a lot of your time and effort, and still there's a possibility that you may have duplicate content.

If you don’t want to take this chance or want to paraphrase text from scratch, then it is best that you consider using the best online paraphrasing tool.

Over a hundred online paraphrase tools can help you rewrite the text, but our paraphrasing-tool.ai is one of the most reliable options.

This is because our tool offers a dedicated anti-plagiarism mode powered by ML and NLP technologies. This ensures that the paraphrased content is 100% unique and sounds humane.

You can use our tool to paraphrase all types of text to make them unique. It can easily handle blogs, social media posts, newsletters, emails, marketing material, essays, assignments, and more.

Just drop your text and let our tool ensure originality!

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