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What Is the Purpose of This
Grammar Checker Tool?

Our grammar checker tool helps you check and improve the quality of your content for free.

Check Grammar Now

Prevent Errors in Incomplete Drafts

You can use our grammar checker to find errors in your drafts that you don’t want to proofread manually.


Improve Quality of Text

Our grammar checker can give you better alternatives of words & phrases and also make your text concise.

Improves Quality

Enhance Tone & Style

With our online grammar checker users can easily improve the style of their drafts and make it more engaging.


Remove Incorrect Spelling

The free grammar checker tool can highlight spelling mistakes and can replace them with right ones.


How to Use This Grammar Checker

Using our grammar checker tool is a piece of cake. You can use this tool on any device you want as long as you have a stable connectivity. You can check all kinds of human mistakes in your work in 3 simple steps:


Upload Content as Input

Drop the text or the file that you want to check in the input box of the tool.


Hit the “Check Grammar” Button

Right after the text has been added, you have to click on the “Check Grammar” button.


Export the Reviewed Content

Once you have improvised all the errors, you can copy the text or export it in your desired format.

Notable Features of Our Grammar Checker Tool

Our grammar checker offers a lot more than its competitors. It is not just a tool rather a complete proofreading solution for professional writers, students, researchers, and digital marketers. Some salient features of our tool are:

Spelling & Grammar Correction

Our tool has the ability to detect and correct spelling and grammatical mistakes in your content. This grammar checker ensures 100% accuracy and helps you improve the quality of your write-ups.


Contextual Proofreading

This online grammar checker considers the context in which certain words and phrases are being used. Our tool can identify incorrect word choices, wordy sentences, and other contextual errors in no time.

Easy on Pocket

We consider our grammar checker tool to be the best one because we don’t charge users a single penny. You don’t have to hire a professional proofreader for reviewing content anymore.


AI Powered Technology

This grammar checker uses AI based technology to review your content. This is why the suggestions and results are always accurate, humanlike, and better than its competitors.

See What Our Users Say About Us!

Our grammar checker is one of the bookmark tools for thousands of users across the globe. Students and writers use our tools to check and improve the quality of their drafts. Check out positive reviews of our old customers if you don’t want to take our word.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Let’s find out answers to some of the most common queries in the minds of all possible prospects.

Our grammar checker is absolutely free to use. Users don’t have to pay a single penny to proofread their drafts.

Certainly, you can check grammatical mistakes in content saved on your mobile as our tool works on every device. You just need a browser and a stable connectivity to enjoy this tool.

There are no such limitations to the use of this tool. You can easily check up to 2500 characters in one go with our tool. If you have a bigger document, you can split it or you can also get our premium plan.

No, you would always need to have a connection to use this tool. This is a cloud based utility which is why you cannot use it offline.

Our tool uses sophisticated algorithms to evaluate your text. These algorithms, combined with powerful, Ai-based technology, allow us to process large amounts of text both accurately and quickly.

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