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Using Our Paraphrasing Tool, You Can Paraphrase Text More Concisely

Our paraphrasing tool provides six modes including Creative, Fluency, Anti Plagiarism, and other modes for students as well. Our Online paraphrase tool is specifically programmed to understand your writing needs. It actively presents options for making your content more authentic, unique, and readable.


Primary Features of Our Online Paraphraser!

Let us now discuss the features that make our paraphraser better.

Paraphrase Now

Remove Plagiarism

Our AI Paraphrasing tool makes your content 100% unique and able to beat any plagiarism tool available online.


Repurpose Old Text

You don’t have to spend time on research because you can use the old content again by paraphrasing it with our free paraphraser.

Improves Quality

Get the Perfect Quality

The content paraphrased by our paraphrasing tool is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and any other human errors.


Humanize Content

Our AI Paraphraser uses NLP & GPT-3 technology which helps in humanizing text


How to paraphrase online with our paraphrasing tool?

Using our paraphrasing tool is quite easy. Anyone can paraphrase online by following these easy steps:


Upload Or Paste Text

First enter the text in the input box, or you can upload a text file from your device


Click on the “Paraphrase Now”

Hit the “Paraphrase Now” button to start the process and get the paraphrased text within a few seconds.


Export Or Copy Text

Once the text is paraphrased, you can copy or export it to Word, txt & PDF format

AI Based Paraphrase Tool with Multiple Paraphrasing Modes!

Our AI paraphraser doesn’t just replace words with synonyms; rather, it completely Paraphrases the text in a new version depending on the mode you select. Our Paraphrasing tool offers six different modes and the details of each mode are given below:


Creative mode is ideal for all sorts of users.This mode would change words and phrases with suitable alternates, restructure the sentence, & enhance words which helps in writing content in a better way.



With Fluency mode, you can easily make your text sound fluent, clearer, and concise. This paraphrasing mode is programmed to turn complex content into simple tones. This mode will be your best choice when its a task for making titles and descriptions.


The Formal mode lets you paraphrase your informal drafts in a formal tone, as the name suggests The content produced by this mode is best to be used for professional communications.


Paraphrasing-tool.ai’s academic mode is best for students and researchers. They can paraphrase their essays, assignments, and other important papers in a new version, and unique styles. Academic mode would retain not only the original context but also the in-text citations, quotes, and references.


The blog mode is specifically designed for website managers, bloggers, and seo experts. In this mode, the tool would rephrase text but would maintain the keywords used. The placement, frequency, or order of selected keywords would not be changed in the text paraphrasing process.

Our Paraphrasing tool users

This paraphrasing tool has enough features which meet the needs of all kinds of users. Anyone connected to the writing community is welcome to use our paraphraser and paraphrase their text online.

  • Webmasters & SEO Experts
  • Professional Copywriters
  • Non-Native Speakers
  • Students & Researchers
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Webmasters & SEO Experts

As a webmaster, this AI paraphrasing tool helps you ensure the overall content quality and readability of the content.


Professional Copywriters

Our Paraphrase tool is a blessing for professional copywriters. They can rephrase the content or their description to the point without changing the intent.


Non-Native Speakers

Those non-natives who are struggling with the language barrier need to relax now. Paraphrasing-tool.ai will make communication and correspondence super easy for them.


Students & Researchers

Our paraphrase tool will be a valuable tool for scholars and students employed in this field because it doesn't change the quotes and references while paraphrasing.


What makes this paraphrase tool the best choice?

Paraphrasing-Tool.ai uses AI based technologies, including machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). ML helps our tool understand input content, and NLP helps it paraphrase online in a natural way. The quality of content created by our paraphraser is always up to the mark and free of plagiarism. In addition, theres is a premium version of this tool where you will get the following features:

  • Increase word limit to 2000 Words
  • No ads & No Captcha
  • All Premium modes
  • 10x Fast Paraphrasing
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Our free paraphrasing tool is a great support for students and researchers working in the academic sector. It can help them rephrase the already written text for students and researchers.

Our AI powered paraphrasing tool that is trained to understand human traits and needs. Moreover, the AI algorithms further enable the tool to generate perfectly humanize content that cannot be detected.

you can use your already written article again in a matter of seconds using this AI paraphraser.

Our Ai paraphraser is pretty free of cost but in order to avail the advanced features you need to purchase the premium package to avail all features.

Using a paraphrasing tool does not commit plagiarism. Paraphrasing involves changing the wording and lines, plagiarism refers to straight copying of content.

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